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Becoming a Catholic – RCIA

RICA is a year- long educational process for initiating new members to the church.

Welcome Home Catholics

If you are a Catholic who has been away from the Church, know that we are thinking about you, that you have been missed and that we invite you to be an active part of our faith community.

If you are a Resurrection parishioner and want to facilitate a friend's journey back to our faith community, we can help.

There are many reasons why people may no longer be actively practicing their Catholic faith. If you have been struggling in search of a deeper relationship with Christ, know that you are not alone. Many of us experience "bumpy roads" in our faith life. There are equally many reasons why you might be considering "coming home" to your faith tradition once again.

Resurrection Catholic Church offers people a safe place to be listened to, a place to ask questions and to update their faith as an adult, a place for understanding and healing -- a place to be "Welcomed Home"


Adult Faith Formation - Deacon Barry Welch 540-297-5530
Offers spiritual enrichment, retreats, Scripture studies, speakers, book studies, prayer services, etc.

Plans interfaith activities and encourages Christian unity.

Resurrection Catholic Church
Rt 122, 15353 Moneta Road, Moneta, VA 24121
Phone: 540.297.5530 
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